Community Ministries

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..." (Matthew 28:18)

Missions.jpgCovenant Church seeks to obey the Great Commission through local evangelism, home missions, and foreign missions. In Home Missions, Covenant Church has assisted with the oversight and development of two church plants in Georgia.  Additionally, we serve the needs of families regionally from Fort Benning, Columbus, Carrollton, Newnan, and surrounding counties. With regard to Foreign Missions, we currently support missionaries and works in China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Quebec, Suriname, Kenya, Southeast Asia, Uganda, Ukraine, and Uruguay. Below are also some of our local community ministries in which we as a congregation are involved.

Florence Hand Home

Plum_2170_Bridge-320.jpgSince 1995, Covenant Presbyterian Church has conducted a weekly preaching ministry at the Florence Hand Nursing Home in LaGrange.  This service begins every Thursday at 2:00pm and provides regular systematic exposition of the Bible for those unable to attend worship in a local church.



RBF - Reformed Bible Fellowship

Plum_2198_College_Chapel.jpgReformed Bible Fellowship (RBF) began as a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church to students of LaGrange College in 2003.  RBF offers weekly expository preaching, fellowship, and theological discussion (Q&A) with Pastor Miller in the college chapel on Thursday nights at 8:00pm.